About Us
Wrcrealty.net is the official website of WRC Realty – a full service residential real estate company. WRC Realty helps Inland Empire residents buy, sell and invest in real estate. We also manage properties for in-city and absentee landlords. Our mission is to provide unparalleled service to our clients through educating our clients, servicing their existing accounts, and providing real time market information and analysis. Service to our clients and the community is the foundation of our organization.

Client education and advising is our priority. We believe that clients make informed decision, if they are properly educated about market conditions, market analysis, and market trends. Buying or selling real estate can be a stressful experience. The WRC Realty Team works real close with the clients and provides minute-by-minute, day-by-day update of the sales or purchase transaction, thereby easing clients' stress. We offer unparalleled service, while creating a business plan that maximizes our clients’ asset base.
We believe that our clients are better served when we take time to develop a lasting relationship with them. Community service and focus is the distinguishing factor that separates us from national franchise real estate companies. The national real estate franchanse companies focus on the number of geographic areas they cover and the gross commission they earn. At WRC Realty, we do not emphasize commission in our quest to service our neighbors. In fact, we believe that commission is only a by-product of our work. We will list your home at a rate that many national franchise real estate companues will not.

Inland Empire is our home. Our goal is to service the housing needs of our Inland Empire neighbors. However, our services are not bound to Inland Empire. We manage and sell properties from Los Angeles to Victoville. Indeed, we see Southerm California as our neighborhood. We always challenege you to put us to test to sell your home, buy you an investment home or simply manage your rental properties. We are confident that we will meet and exceed your expectation.