WRC Realty your residential and property management real estate company

WRC Realty is a residential real estate company. WRC Realty also manages properties under 4Rentpro (dba). Many of our clients take advantage of our real estate retirement planning advising by electing to purchase investment properties. Our goal is to service the property management needs of individuals who want to invest in real estate without dealing with the headache of property/tenant management. Finding the right tenant can be time consuming. Filing unlawful retainer can be even more daunting. We eliminate the stress from the investor and absentee landlord by managing their investment properties. Our market target is the Greater Inland Empire, Riverside, and the High Desert areas of Victorville and adjoining cities.

4Rentpro offers a full range of services to the absentee and in-city property owners. Our team of real estate professionals is dedicated to giving our clients peace of mind in the protection of their Southern California investment properties. 4Rentpro supports drug-free community housing and the Sober Living Coalition. Our staff has completed the City of San Bernardino Crime-Free Rental Housing Program to assure property safety.

As your property management company, we will perform many important services, all designed to maintain your property to the highest standards. Our goal is to offer property owners peace of mind. Our professional team will offer some of the following services:



  • Run “For Rent” Ads in local newspapers, internet and or direct mailings
  • Screen prospective tenants for rental/eviction history
  • Verify prospective tenants’ employment
  • Show prospective tenants property and interview them
  • Place “For Rent” sign on property with WRC Realty logo
  • Respond to all tenants calls
  • Take care of lawn services, if owner elects
  • Maintain pool, if owner elects
  • Repair and routinely maintain property



  • There is a range of other services rendered, including but not limited to:
  • Monthly statements to owner, if elected (fees will be incurred)
  • Move out inspections
  • Move out cleaning and repair
  • Emergency maintenance response
  • Negotiate rent-to-own or arrange sale of property
  • Periodic property surveillance to ensure crime/drug-free rental
  • Collect and deposit rent timely
  • Serve 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
  • File eviction notices when necessary
  • Pay Mortgage, if owner elects
  • Pay insurance, taxes, utilities, etc., if owner elects
  • Reimburse security deposit as applicable
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